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      Hard agree for Wayne

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      I never knew what this dude looked like ha. Not what I pictured

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        I’ve probably listened to Meet the Woo 2 and Funeral the most out of this year. Good tapes to throw on and go for a run or some shit

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          Damn bro I see you posting these fire tracks that haven’t necessarily blown up yet. Where do you find these?

          This song is dope as fuck, never heard of the guy but I’ll be peeping his other shit tonight. Dude flows over the beat effortlessly and it fits his flow so well.

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            Shit, I don’t even know how I know them. Just do I guess. Wanted to help this site out so I post them randomly when I think of it.

            I don’t really know about these dudes. I think they are Loaf Muzik affiliates or something like that. Loaf Muziks got some dope shit if you like this sound

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              Damn that’s tight. Good shit posting too, hopefully this place takes off because I fuck with it.

              I haven’t listened to Loaf Muzik in forever but I remember liking them a lot. I’ll check some of their stuff out again and read up on who they link with, thanks bro!

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            AZ - Royale Salute is a nice warning shot to 50 Cent

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              Damn this is dope, haven’t heard this before. Good looks