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Update as of 6:45pm:

Hipppo.xyz has successfully made the transition to Hipppo.fm!

However, there are some caveats that I will be fixing tonight. Never mind, all fixed!

I’m proud to announce that Hipppo has successfully changed to a friendlier, music-centric domain. I hope nobody encounters any issues while trying to access the site, and if you do, you will most likely be seeing this post shortly which will explain the confusion.

I want to thank you all for actively taking part in this project of mine and contributing to a brand new hiphop community. In theory, this user base will have a greater chance of growth now that the URL isn’t so shady and cheap. If you want, feel free to spread the word to your homies (that aren’t shitty people) by sending them a link to the home page so they can see what the site is about. Discussion thrives when more people are involved in it, even if that makes my life a little harder trying to manage this place on my own right now.

Again, thank you. I hope you all like the new branding and I’m looking forward to implementing some more ideas that foster discussion in the near future in order to make this forum worth its weight.

Side note: If you have any ideas for making the site better such as recurring threads, new logos, new tags, anything; please let me know below and I’ll see what I can do.

Original post:

Approximately 30 minutes after this is posted, I will begin modifying configuration files server-side to make the switch to the new domain name.

The website may not work as intended during this time.

I will be taking a live snapshot of the site once this post is sent in case anything goes wrong, so if you post something after this post is sent and I need to roll back the site, your post may be deleted.

Once the site is operational again, I will update this post with some more details and change the title, as opposed to making a separate post altogether.

As detailed in my previous announcement, the current domain Hipppo.xyz will redirect to Hipppo.fm, which will become the primary domain for Hipppo.

Please update your bookmarks to the site to reflect the new domain, Hipppo.xyz will be configured only as a redirect. I guess bookmarks will still work properly, but it’s just good practice to change it because I won’t be renewing the .xyz domain when it expires. When that time comes, I’ll make another announcement about changing your bookmarks if you haven’t already, but that’s like 10 months from now.

Hopefully with the new name, people who have not registered may be more inclined to do so and not put off by a cheap, scammy URL. It’s unprofessional and reflects poorly on the site as a whole, making it look a bit illegitimate.

No more explaining to friends that the site is actually real and not a virus-infested, bottom-of-the-barrel, bullshit website you’re more likely to find in your spam folder telling you about the hot single women nearby that are looking for action. The FM domain will suit the site nicely and better reflect the content hosted here.

Anyways, I’ve never changed domains for a site like this before by myself, so wish me luck.

See you all on the other side.


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    The new address is way better, good stuff mane.

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      I’ve also added a live tag, suitable for performances, live recordings, and certain videos.


      Kendrick Lamar - i (Live on SNL) would be tagged as video and live.

      “Fu-Gee-La” The Fugees - Live on SquirtTV on MTV (1994) would be tagged as video and live as well, and the title would be formatted along the lines of The Fugees - Fu-Gee-La (Live on MTV) [1994] or something similar.

      KENNY BEATS & BOOGIE FREESTYLE | The Cave: Season 2 - Episode 6 would also be tagged video and live, and I may add another tag for things like this that’s a bit more descriptive, but I’ll save that for another day. Y’all get the point.

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        you should add a tag for disses and beefs and shit, like how hhh has [SHOTS FIRED]

        not sure what your stance is on posting things like that but if you’re fine with that kinda stuff there isn’t really a good tag for it yet

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          That’s not a bad idea, I’d be down for that. I’ll add a tag for it right now!