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    Planned Site Adjustments meta

The site itself should be fully operational aside from replying to comments via email. I plan on making a few minor changes to how it looks, but as of now pretty much everything should work.


  • Properly initialize the email server for invitation requests

  • Set up the ability to reply to posts via email

  • Adjust the “L” logo in the top left corner to reflect the website name with an H (also taking suggestions for tiny logo ideas)

  • Change the favicon to match the H logo (or whatever it becomes)

  • Add more tags for various topics, maybe even get rid of the concept of sorting by subgenre altogether

  • Tidy up some pages to remove the ability to connect to Github (which isn’t that relevant for a hiphop forum)

  • Add a native dark mode that doesn’t rely on a browser extension

  • Add rules page to the site footer

I’ll be adding to this list when ideas come up, and if you have any ideas for anything please let me know and I’ll see what I can do.


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    Dark mode g

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      That’s in the works, but until then if you’d like the site to be dark there’s a few options at the bottom of the about page