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I don’t produce myself, but I saw that this place is gonna start shifting towards producers more and doesn’t allow new users to post yet, so I thought I’d throw a post out there so anyone new could comment.

I’ve always wanted to start making music but haven’t had the time and it’s always amazing to see the processes behind making beats.

Do you primarily make sample-based music, use synths, or what?

How to you begin a track when you start a blank project?

Which software do you use to create in?

Why do you make the music that you make? Do you just like how it sounds, or is there more emotion behind it or some other reason?

Do you rap as well? If you do, how’s you get into it?

What are your favorite and least favorite steps when creating a new track?

I’ve got a ton of other questions I could ask but I don’t want to ask all of them all at once, might as well give it time to see if anyone else hits this site up. Glad to see that it’s being revived a bit, I loved it when it was getting a bit bigger and this could be the change it needs. Hope it pops off, maybe I’ll use this as an excuse to finally get into creating my own music


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    Thanks for asking, here we go! I take the old school sampling approach, no thinking no planning just feeling the music and letting the sample decide where the beat is gonna go. Started off digging on the internet but now I’m getting samples off vinyl as well, also getting to work more and more with some bands/musicians to sample their music for my beats, fun as fuck and I’m able to actually use those samples without having to worry by splitting some royalties with them! Actually started off writing and rapping a lot but moved to producing as it just fits my personality a lot better, and now I’m basically an addict for good samples. I use FL but it really doesn’t matter what you use, and there’s no bad parts to producing to me, I love the digging, I love the crafting and I love the mixing. And as off why I do this, pure passion for the music, I couldn’t imagine my life without Hip-Hop, it’s the only constant factor.

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      I produce just as a hobby, but don’t want to link my music much on this site since I’m the admin and all. Thanks for posting this though, it’s good to have some solid posts for new users to be able to contribute to when they join.

      I make music that is both sample based and use plenty of weird synths on top of it. I’m really into finding new ways to manipulate weird sounds and generally just experiment. Love me some Synplant synths that are heavily processed multiple times over.

      I usually start with the drums, which I need to improve on anyways, but adding those first gives me a sense of how I want the track to sound from the start so I can begin layering a melody and chords and what not.

      My primary DAW is Ableton Live 10, but I also own Logic Pro X and use Reaper sometimes depending on my mood. I tried switching to Logic as my main DAW a few weeks back but Ableton’s workflow is just unmatched for my needs.

      I should work on making my tracks more “emotional” just to express myself more, but for the most part I just make things that sound weird and interesting to me. I don’t rap, but I’ve thought about doing it in the future once I get better at producing a bit more, though I don’t think my voice would work too well in hiphop so I might not, we’ll see one day I guess.

      Every step of the process is fun in my opinion, but if I had to choose one thing it’d definitely be experimenting with sound design. I don’t really have a least favorite, though I could definitely work on my mixing/mastering and arrangement a bit more instead of relying a bit too heavy on reference tracks. With practice I’ll build more of those skills though.