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    god I wish Pain 1993 was longer

    shoot baby voice Carti straight into my veins

    1. 4

      Damn Pop Smoke would’ve sounded good on Demons

      1. 3

        Way too much going on with the D4L beat imo

        1. 3

          Shits good asf

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            Haven’t listened to the rest of the project yet but Pain 1993 is just straight ass. What a mess of wasted potential on all fronts; the beat is boring, Drake sounds like Carti, and Carti sounds like himself trying to imitate 645AR.

            1. 1

              I actually like Carti’s baby voice but damn he overdid it way too hard on this. He found a good sweet spot before but it feels like he’s just trying too hard now, and the adlibs over Drake’s verse don’t fit together one bit

            2. 2

              I like carti’s higher pitched voice and I like drake but they don’t mesh together all that well