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Changes have been made to Hipppo to better accommodate both producers and rappers, as well as continue to be a place for sharing music, news, articles, and so on.

The following updates have been successfully implemented, and there may be more in the coming weeks as I iron out any issues.

New tags for producers/rappers

New tags include production for all posts regarding the actual process of producing hiphop, DAWs for tips/tricks/questions about digital audio workstations, gear for hardware discussion, mixing for posts about the mixing process in particular, and writing for rappers who post about lyric writing, flow, and things like that. I’ve also recently added sampling for sample-based stories, and tutorial for, well, tutorials.

Please use the appropriate tags for your posts, especially production and writing, as these differentiate posts for musicians from other hiphop-related links and stories. Also, use more than one tag when they apply to make it easier to find similar stories. I’ll most likely be adding more soon in the near future as well.

Updated Rules page

There have been multiple new rules added to the page, all users are required and expected to read them before signing up or posting. No rules have been removed, but the page has been formatted in a cleaner way to separate those that apply to everyone and those that are producer/rapper specific.

New user story restrictions

New users now have a 14 day waiting period before being able to post new stories. This is to prevent low-effort questions that can be answered using Google or reading a manual, and to reduce the amount of users signing up to post new tracks without contributing to discussion.

If you have recently signed up, you are welcome and encouraged to comment on posts and build karma, but keep comments on the topic of the post you are replying to. Commenting with your SoundCloud to evade the purpose of the waiting period is not allowed unless someone specifically asks for links to your music.

Site-wide dark color scheme

The light color scheme did not suit this site very well and was hard on the eyes, so I’ve made the entire site dark rather than basing the setting off of users’ system preferences.

I’ll also be posting some threads here and there for new users to introduce themselves and contribute to discussions during the 2 week waiting period, and any returning users are encouraged to post any engaging stories or links for new users to comment on.

I’m looking forward to reviving this website and growing it a bit more, and I hope everyone likes these additions!