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TL;DR located at the bottom of the post, along with a one question survey regarding the future of the site.

When I set out to launch Hipppo, I didn’t expect it to even succeed and built properly. I didn’t know a thing about programming or web design, I just liked another discussion board and how it operated and set out to create my own sister site based around hiphop discussion.

I learned a whole lot while launching this website, but once everything was operational, I began getting tired of trying to get it to actually grow in size. Once I realized this, I essentially completely stopped maintaining and building onto the site and quit sharing it around on other forums, which I can only assume led to a steep decrease in active users. Shoutout to the handful of you who continued to post once it died, you’re real ones.

Today, however, I came to the conclusion that while there are plenty of hiphop forums and subreddits already that are just fine, there is a drastic lack of quality on discussion boards centered around the actual production of hiphop. Most half-decent music production forums look like garbage, and as I filled out the form for creating a new subreddit, I remembered that I have my own website for hiphop that is currently dormant and has all the features necessary to prevent low quality posts and questions that could be answered by simply reading an instruction manual or typing in a quick search on Google.

Starting today, there will be some changes being made to Hipppo to better cater towards hiphop producers.

Hiphop discussion will still be allowed, but new tags will be created to allow those who produce a place to ask questions or link helpful resources for building skills in regards to music creation. These posts may be weighted slightly heavier than non-production topics, I haven’t quite decided yet.

The rules of this site will also be slightly changing. I may be looking into adjusting some settings so prevent new users from submitting links until they reach a certain age on the site as to eliminate common/low-level questions like “I’ve been producing for 3 months, why is nobody buying my beats?” and “How do I make my 808 sound like Ronny J’s?”

Hipppo may also become invite only in order to ensure consistent quality and prevent users from joining just to spam links to their own original work and leaving.

If you’re reading this, you’re most likely already registered and no longer considered “new” anymore, so this change will hardly affect you.

I hope these changes will breathe some new life into this website, but regardless, it’s a welcome improvement and will set this site apart from traditional hiphop forums.

If you have any suggestions related to this, please let me know by leaving a comment.


Below are some changes coming to this site as it transitions from general hiphop discussion to being more focused on discussion about producing hiphop music. General hiphop discussion will still be allowed for the time being, but may change in the future depending on how things play out. If items on the list are crossed out, I have already implemented them.

  • New tags specifically for hiphop production, which may carry greater weight than some other tags.

  • No more blindingly white website. Hipppo will now have a dark color scheme regardless of system preferences. I will also be altering the darker color scheme to look a bit nicer as some of the current colors don’t fit that well.

  • The Rules page will be updated with rules specific to those talking about producing. Things like prohibiting software piracy, etc.

  • New users will be restricted from posting new threads until they are no longer considered new, which at the time of writing is 14 days. This is to prevent users from joining just to ask basic questions instead of reading a manual or using a search engine.

  • The site will become invitation only once again, further preventing low-effort questions and spamming of original music without contributing to the site. This may not happen immediately, I’ll probably give the site a bit more time to grow again first.

  • Submission guidelines will also be updated to account for producers looking to post beats and leave.

I made a quick single-question survey to see if any users think the site should be just for producers or remain a forum for general discussion as well. Logging in to Google is required just to prevent multiple responses, but emails are not stored. Vote here.