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    There we go, submissions are finally working. Haven’t listened yet but I’m about to head out and grab dinner so I’ll play this during the ride.

    Anything else by Smino that you’d recommend? I haven’t heard too much by him

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      As far as full length projects, probably blkswn. Some of his best songs are loosies though, I’ll link a few just cause they might be harder to find if you’re only looking at his whole projects.

      Khlorine [prod. Sango]

      Kompany [prod. Monte Booker]

      Kolors [prod. Monte Booker]

      Menu [prod. monte Booker, THEMpeople]

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        Man I don’t know why I never gave Smino a shot, dude’s got a smooth cadence. I had no idea he had a some with Sango, this track bops

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          Yeah he has a few songs with Sango. In general Smino works with some of the best producers

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            I’ll check out his other work right now, thanks for posting this g. Gonna start with blkswn and explore his other stuff from there