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I assume most of the (very few) users who still visit Hipppo also regularly browse HipHopHeads, and if you do, you may have seen today’s post regarding sexism within that subreddit. I know this site isn’t very active, but I’d like to address this situation.

Yes, misogyny very clearly runs deep within the roots of hiphop and has been that way for decades. We, as regular listeners of the genre, don’t have much we can do in order to change the way women are portrayed in music. We can’t erase sexist lyrics and themes from past releases, of which there are an endless amount, and we can’t change the minds of those who hold these views and express themselves through their raps.

What we can do, however, is change the way we as the audience respond to such comments. Together, we have the power to shift the culture away from those outdated, hateful views; not completely, as that task would surely be impossible, but enough to set a higher standard in regards to the way fans of the genre react towards sexism.

The first step necessary is calling out those who perpetrate these ignorant views of women in rap, whether it be peers in your life away from the screen, or fellow users on the internet. When you see or hear someone encouraging this sort of behavior towards women in hiphop, do your part by educating them on why those views are genuinely hurtful and inappropriate in today’s day and age. Don’t talk down on those who think less of our female counterparts, but discuss the given situation with them and learn about why they hold these ideals so you are better equipped to address them.

We as the listeners must be progressive in our stance on sexism in hiphop, and if you are standing by idly while others encourage this sort of behavior, you may be complicit through your inaction.

I don’t have the answers as to how to resolve this situation, but I do have the power to use this site as a platform for equality in the music scene. For those who haven’t quite read the site rules, rule number one states that there will be no discrimination against those belonging to a specific group of people, and more specifically in this context, gender, among other just as important traits.

Anyone who does not follow this extremely important rule here will be banned without warning immediately. Disallowing tracks containing sexist lyrics would not fix the problem, so those can remain, but encouraging those ideas through comments and discussion are forbidden. Use those raps to spark discussion on the subject in an inclusive manner that addresses why those views are flawed. Posting memes and casual, thinly-veiled sexist remarks in respect to the music is not allowed and will be removed, also resulting in a ban from this website.

I will not allow misogynist ideals to grow on Hipppo. This is not a place to talk down on others in any way, it is a place to talk about music. I hope some of this made sense, it’s a bit late but I felt the need to address this. There is no one solution to this problem, and it’s not black and white, but we must do our part to help the genre move forward from this sort of thing.

Thank you.