There are a handful of important rules you must follow when using this site. These rules are subject to change at any point, and it is your responsibility to read them carefully before signing up and posting. The rules have been separated into two sections, the first being site-wide rules and the second being specific to those who create music; though it's a good idea to read all of them regardless of whether you make music or not. These rules are not in any particular order of importance, though some will be dealt with more drastically than others.

New Users

Story submissions are restricted. New users are temporarily unable to post stories until they have at least 1 karma. In the future, there will also be a time requirement of 7 days in order to post. Comments on stories remain allowed and encouraged regardless of account age.

All Users

No hate speech. There is zero tolerance for discrimination based on (but not limited to) race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, disability, or nationality. Users who violate this rule will be permanently banned without warning.

No spamming of any kind. It's okay to love an artist. Please do not post multiple links to them in quick succession. This applies to original music as well, if not more so. This is not the replies section of Kanye's latest tweet, please do not post a link to your Soundcloud page over and over. Original music is allowed, but use common sense when posting; one post is enough.

No harassing other users. This goes without saying, but just don't be a dick. If someone upsets you on here because they have different opinions on music, don't take it personally and fight back. Music is subjective and that is what makes it so great. If someone is harassing you, please flag the comment and notify an administrator or moderator so they can take appropriate action when necessary.

Keep arguments civil. Arguments regarding music will naturally arise, and that's alright. If you're engaged in a disagreement, support your argument like an adult without dismissing the other user's views or name-calling. If someone is breaking any of these rules, flag the post/comment and message an administrator if necessary.

Use appropriate tags on your posts. Tags are there to help other users find or filter posts based on topic, choose more two or three that are relevant to your post so others can find them. If you are posting about music production, you must use the production tag; users who rap and post about lyrics, flow, etc, must use the writing tag. If your post is about general hiphop, tag it appropriately. Please read the descriptions of each tag you are using and double check that you are not using it incorrectly or that there isn't a more accurate tag available. Any mislabeled posts will be altered to the proper tags, and if you come across a mistagged post/link, suggest the right one. If no tags apply, it may not belong on this site; but if you think it does and should be added, make a meta post and share why you think it should.

Don't be a shithead. Instead of ranking Kanye's discography, share something interesting or engaging that encourages discussion about hiphop. I'm going to be mildly annoyed if I have to pay for web hosting out of pocket just so people have a new place to argue about whether ye is hot garbage or an artistic masterpiece.

No memes. This site is meant for quality in-depth discussion, relevant news, music releases, write-ups, and reviews regarding both general hiphop as well as music creation. Please post memes to Reddit or Twitter instead.

No links to new music leaks or other potentially illegal content. Posting download links is strictly prohibited. Please find another forum that allows leaks, they're out there and work just fine. Once you find those forums, don't link them here or they will be removed. I'm not trying to get a takedown notice because someone posted a new Playboi Carti leak on my tiny website. Only old leaks that have been hosted on YouTube for more than three months are permitted to use the leak tag, anything else will result in a ban. This rule is especially enforced in regards to linking or advocating for software piracy. All copyright takedown requests will be handled swiftly and accordingly.

No lyric chains or copypasta. Keep that somewhere else, this isn't Reddit. That being said, don't do go to r/hiphopheads and say I told you it was okay to do it there, because they don't like that on their subreddit either. Twitter might be more appropriate.


Do not post your original music and leave. If you register, post your latest beat, don't comment on anything, and leave this site forever, you will be banned and your post will be removed. Posting your latest tracks can be a good way to get important feedback, so long as you take it and offer constructive feedback to others in return. If you post your own music, use YouTube, SoundCloud, Bandcamp, etc. Links to Beatstars and similar websites will be removed.

Low effort questions are not allowed. This is a site for quality discussion, if you post a question about why your MIDI keyboard isn't working with your DAW, why nobody is buying your dope beats even though you've been producing for 4 months, or ask how to make your 808s "more boomier," your post will be removed. Read the manual and use Google. Nobody is going to make you a better producer without you putting in work and practicing. We have all been new at one point; new producers are more than welcome here, but these questions are not relevant for the purpose of this website. Questions that are too broad are useless, and issues regarding specific software or equipment should be dealt with by contacting that company's customer support. This includes any questions that require one answer or otherwise do not foster discussion. Please do not ask how to automate pitch in Ableton or why your audio is clipping, this isn't a help desk.

Keep production posts and stories on the topic of actual music. Making type beats and leasing them online is not a get-rich-quick scheme. This site is geared towards the creative and technical processes behind making hiphop, this is not the place to ask how you should market your new beat for money or gain a larger following on social media. Share interesting music that could be sampled, discuss sound design techniques, explain composition strategies, things like that; this is not the place to post questions about how to turn royalty-free loops into a business empire.

No offering any kind of services or downloads. Linking to external sites is allowed and encouraged when referencing resources, tutorials, music, articles, etc. Posting an advertisement for your new beat pack, whether free or paid, will not be tolerated. This also applies to offering mixing/mastering services regardless of price. Drum kit links are not allowed, please find them on another forum and don't share them here.

Do not post stories asking to collaborate. Whether you rap or produce, if you want to ask someone if they would like to work on music with you, do so in the comments when appropriate or send them a private message. Spamming messages to multiple users asking to collab is not allowed and should be reported directly to an administrator immediately. Don't post asking strangers to join your new "collective", actually connect with people and get to know them and their music if you want to form a music group.

Breaking any of these rules may result in a ban with or without warning. Bans are absolute, given on a case-by-case basis, and are up to the administrator's discretion. If you are caught evading a ban, your IP will be blacklisted from the server.